Partnerships, universities and scientific research

Partnerships, universities and scientific research

Integrated Foundation Year Program (PIFY) n nThe Foundation Year is a program of the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) intended for foreign students, which establishes the preparatory training activities for admission to courses academic study of Universities and AFAM (Higher Education in Art and Music), proposing a path that aims to fulfill the admission requirements required by the Italian university system. International students to whom the FY is addressed require specific preparation between the end of the secondary path undertaken in their country of origin and the subsequent course of study. N nThe Dante Alighieri Society and the University of Parma have signed a agreement from which the Integrated Foundation Year Project (PIFY) was born. By combining the prestige of the university with the mission of Dante, the PIFY achieves the goal of offering students a path that develops both linguistic and intercultural skills. N nThe PIFY is designed to improve at 360 ° the study experience of international students in Italy, offering them an adequate knowledge of both the Italian language for study purposes and the cultural context in which they choose to pursue their training. Furthermore, the path gives the possibility to orient oneself in an adequate way in the choice of the degree course, through the inclusion in the academic context and the study of disciplines typical of future study areas. N nThe PIFY foresees two phases: the first at one of the deans of the Dante network abroad, the second at the University of Parma. n nOn completion of the course, students will be able to obtain the PLIDA B2 certification.


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