The Dante Alighieri Society has been operating for years as a training body in the field of language teaching and teaching Italian to foreigners. Its ** teacher training courses ** are aimed at both active teachers and teachers still in the training phase and are recognized by the MIUR for the purposes of training and updating school staff according to Directive 170/2016.

The courses are part of the complex of activities that the Dante Alighieri Society carries out in the field of linguistic and cultural education, in accordance with its primary mission of supporting and disseminating the Italian language and culture abroad, and are based on an experience consolidated training practices inspired by the guidelines of the Council of Europe and the approaches and methodologies recommended in its reference documents (CEFR, ELP).

The courses are carried out by PLIDA's expert trainers, who boast both university and post-graduate level specific linguistic and glottodidactics training, as well as direct teaching experience, having all worked as L2 / LS Italian teachers in different geographical and institutional realities. This helps to characterize the training courses of the Company in the sense of an orientation to practice and particular attention to the teacher, understood as a professional and as a person, and to the activities that can actually be carried out in the classroom, despite the continuous adherence to the language teaching theories of reference.

The training offer includes three main types of courses. +


These courses are transversal to teaching contexts, school levels, level of experience of the trainees. They include three possible paths:

  • ** The basics ** | Courses useful for beginners and who want to discover basic theories and techniques of Italian L2 teaching.
  • ** The training ** | Courses dedicated exclusively to the operational dimension of language teaching. The courses present didactic techniques, activities, language teaching practices, calling the participants to direct experimentation in the classroom.
  • ** More information ** | Courses aimed at those who have already followed basic training or feel the need to systematize knowledge learned in the field through experience.
    The three paths are modular and can be combined according to the specific needs of the client.


These are seminar meetings each dedicated to a specific aspect of Italian teaching. Thematic courses are offered twice a year in Rome at the headquarters of the Dante Alighieri Society or online. They are also organized all over the world, based on the needs of the client.


These courses are aimed at the construction of tools, protocols, vademecum, personalized plans, teaching materials, evaluation tools. An expert follows and guides the work of a group of teachers or managers and didactic managers in the identification of materials and tools for the reception, the incoming, ongoing and outgoing evaluation, the planning, the design of actions in favor of the success of a particular type of students (non-Italian-speaking students in the Italian school system or in international schools; international students in universities; foreign students of AFAM, etc.).

The three types are designed to meet the specific training needs of the client, which can be very different depending on the reality in which it operates and the public to which it is addressed, as well as the conditions and methods in which the training is carried out ( duration of courses, face-to-face or remote courses, synchronous or asynchronous mode, etc.).

The design of the courses always includes preliminary consultancy aimed at analyzing the client's needs to establish:

  • The type of course
  • Duration
  • The theme
  • Costs

Based on the training offer described here, Dante is able to accommodate the needs of Italian teachers, and to design and implement a specific training course that can also satisfy groups of teachers with heterogeneous experiences and professional training.


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We have always been committed to teaching Italian as a foreign language. Our method is based on a well-established teaching tradition that is constantly updated to provide students with effective and engaging learning paths, whatever the chosen mode of course delivery.

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